The Courtship of Margaret Hale

November 2013

The Courtship of Margaret Hale


The Courtship of Margaret Hale 600x900

John and Margaret have finally found each other on the train platform. Life becomes hopeful for both of them. As time passes John comes to feel there is no going back for the two of them and begins to settle his anxieties of losing her again. Margaret wants to be courted and John desperately wants the same. He buys her an heirloom wedding ring. Margaret felt the ring chose her and John could feel it was hers to have, regardless of the cost to him, no longer a successful Mill Master. Unbeknownst to either, they begin to have similar dreams of a time almost seven hundred years in the past. John dreams of himself as medieval noble warrior and Margaret dreams of herself as a noble Lady. Does the antique ring hold the answers to their dreams? Is it cursed or enchanted? It is mystical or mythical? Will it show them a troubled destiny as yet untraveled for the original lovers which they must complete? Is there a chance that John can lose Margaret once again? Margaret sees a death in her dreams; John sees a castle and battlefields, warriors and archers. What is happening to our Milton lovers?


Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


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July 2013
402 pages

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Margaret becomes depressed and lonely after the passing of her last parent. She knows no one in Milton since she has been involved in caring for two aging parents. After many months and hiring her mysterious, yet, entertaining new driver, she decides to go into business. She wants to open a Lady’s Club. Her driver thinks she is daft and needs a husband. Whimsy, Margaret’s new driver, finds himself drawn to her for reasons other than a romantic love. Attending the theater with family friend, Adam Bell, Margaret is introduced to the woman in John Thornton’s life. Sparks will eventually fly, igniting an unquenchable fire.



Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


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My Soul to Keep

March 2013

My Soul to Keep 600x900


John and Margaret are weeks away from their planned marriage when life starts to unravel for the committed couple. Margaret has unknowingly presented John with a nightmare he could never have imagined. John cannot bring himself to give up hope. Does it still exist? Can his obsession for the woman he has waited many years to marry bring her back? Fate continues to deal its heavy hand as Margaret and John become embroiled in a mystery with the Braithwaite family. Will John defeat the challenges laid before him as the inflicted tragedies mount and Margaret struggles?



Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


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Northern Ways

December 2012



After his rejected proposal, John Thornton loses his way. With his life in ruins, he becomes a damaged man. John goes to extremes as he tries to eliminate Margaret Hale from his life. His obsession does not want to abate. As Margaret Hale comes to realize all that she lost when she sent John away that day, she endeavors to bridge the gap she had created. John vows to never suffer this hurt again and dismisses her at every turn. Seeing her at the Masquerade, John begins to feel there may be hope afterall, until he sees Margaret in the arms of the other man. John, now wants to be lost to all.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

Northern Ways Full Cover 661x467


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Margins of her Heart

November 2012

Margins of her Heart by Loyal Wynyard

How does a Milton Mill Master fall in love with the same woman twice? Follow John Thornton as he buys a second hand book and falls in love with the woman who wrote her heart in the margins of Jane Eyre. Margaret Hale, finding herself in reduced circumstances as a care-giver to her father until his passing then seeks work as a governess. Being hidden from Milton’s notice since settling there , Margaret Hale comes to the aid of a community fire. There she is noticed by John Thornton and other Masters. He begins to feel she is the woman he has sought all his life, unknowing that she is the one who has captured his heart in the margins, being the previous owner of the book.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

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Margins of her Heart by Loyal Wynyard





Comedy of Eras

October 2012


A time-travel novel. How does a 2012 London teacher fall in love with an 1850 Milton Mill Master? Can John Thornton find any redeeming features in a brash young woman, who lands in his world with a skimpy tube top, jeans, and trainers? What will Margaret do when she finds no toilet paper? John is taken aback, knowing she’s English, but her words are not understood to him. What does “ducky” mean? And she keeps saying OK, what does that mean? Can Margaret conquer the quill pen and the wax seal – after she learns how to fold the note? Margaret knows that Master Thornton will someday be in the history books. How will history tell her story or will it?

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


book: $15.99 | kindle: $4.99 | 334 pages | PDF download $4.00

A Comedy of Eras by Loyal Wynyard

I Killed Him

August 2012

After two years, absent from Milton and John Thornton, Margaret Hale finds herself being coerced into a pending marriage by a decorated military captain for the inheritance she will receive in the near future. At stake is the life of her brother, Fredrick Hale who has been branded a mutineer and wanted by the Navy to be hung as an enemy of the crown. Hiding the consistent physical abuse and fear from her family, an attempted sexual assault finds Margaret Hale believing she will meet death soon after the wedding. Pushed to her ultimate limit, she flees to the only man with whom she feels safe, John Thornton. In her flight, she knows she is tipping the balance against her brother in retribution and her own life. Has she now thrown the respected mill owner’s life into the line of fire? This is a North and South Fantasy story.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

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I Killed Him by Loyal Wynyard

Forever Champion

August 2012


As soon as the coach stopped in front of the Hale home, John flew through the door and up the steps. Not finding Margaret in her room, he started opening other doors until he found her at her father’s feet. This was a very poor occasion to be meeting her father for the first time but he ran to her and pulled her to him. She felt like a rag doll; she was almost lifeless. He stood, gently folding her into his arms and carried her downstairs.
Margaret looked at John and in a monotone voice said, “You cannot love me, please do not love me anymore.”
John felt like shaking her. She was talking nonsense.
“John, if you love me, I will only disappoint you. I will break your heart. I cannot do that to you, so please go away.” Margaret knew the words were falling from her lips against her will but she had no will anymore. She knew her next few months, the rest of her life, would be spent situating her father and Dixon and falling out of love with John.

 Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

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My Purpose To Writing

Some may call it Fan Fiction.  What I write is FANTASY Fiction.

I want everyone to know that I write because I love the characters of John Thornton and Margaret Hale. I cannot get enough of the grand love story.  My books are intended to be auxiliary books (fantasies, if you will) of these character, in their towns, with the same people, but are *NEW* loves stories. They are not continuations from the Gaskell story. They are to fall in love again and again in new situations. Their love for each other is powerful. There are intimate scenes in nearly all of the books. If you are a romance reader, you know this is a common practice. There is real intimacy between them but has not and will never be the main focal point in my books. These books are not serialized and can be read in any order because they are all different and unique stories.  I am not a professional author and consider myself more of a story-teller or novelist than an author. I am already hearing about favored new characters that are introduced and people asking for a second book to follow up on a particular title.  I thank my many readers and love hearing from all of you.

First Comes Death

First Comes Death 600x900

Margaret Hale was pointed out to John Thornton by the woman he escorted to a funeral. Instantly, he is inexplicably drawn to her. Coming alive for the first time in his life, he vows that she will be his, regardless that they have never met. Being hundreds of miles from home, he is undaunted until an unforeseen mystery hampers his quest at every turn. How can he make her fall in love with him? What about his responsibilities in Milton, or this other woman, or Margaret, herself? John Thornton must find a way to make it happen.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


book: $13.99    |     kindle: $4.99     |     290 pages      |     PDF $4.00 US

First Comes Death 660x460








John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream

February 2012

Unfolding Dream 600x900

John Thornton has found Margaret Hale through his visions, but does not know who she is. Slowly he falls in love with a woman he’s never met. He does not know about the Baron who loves her, too. As John comes to know Margaret Hale, his visions become more important, as they foretell the uncertain and dangerous future of Margaret Hale.

 Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

book: $12.99     |     kindle: $4.99     |     289 pages     |     PDF  $4.00 US

Unfolding Dream fullcover









Margaret With The Red Book

October 2011

Margaret Red Book 600x900

Through enormous misfortunes Margaret Hale finds herself at the bottom of her life, soon after finishing school. Her only refuge is her former governess who now runs a high-class gentleman’s club. Margaret is thrust into a mysterious world of humanity she’s never known. She becomes intrigued with the whispers of dark desires and sounds in the night, and hearing of unspeakable acts. Margaret begins to pen them to paper. She feels the world must know this sorrow of these women forced into this profession. Even through her sexual naivte, she learns of the unbalanced scale between a man’s lust and a woman’s unspoken desires. Can she find the will and the courage to reach for a new life? Will a client of the club, John Thornton give her the confidence she once so easily had? Can she find redemption from her own shame?

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale


book: $17.99 | kindle: $3.99 | 502 pages | PDF $3.00 US

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John Thornton Meets Miss Hale, Mill Owner


John Thornton Meets Miss Hale Mill Owner 600x900

Margaret Hale of Helstone inherits her uncle’s small cotton mill where she has visited every day since she was eight. The growth of her successful mill finds her having to relocate to the mill town of Milton. She is a woman with intelligence and courage. Along the way she meets premiere Mill Master, John Thornton. Both finding in each other what they have been looking for in a partner for marriage begin a courtship almost immediately. Fate is not with them. Margaret struggles with moving her mill, keeping John Thornton as her mate and keeping him alive. Join John Thornton and Margaret Hale as they endeavor to build the life they’ve dreamed of. This book shows a courageous Margaret Hale full of knowledge and leadership, the humorous side of John Thornton with his understated charm, and very romantic love scenes.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

  book: $14.99     |     kindle: $3.99     |     406 pages     |     PDF  $3.00 US

John Thornton Meets Miss Hale Mill Owner Full Cover 660x464

John Thornton, Look Back at Me

Look Back at Me 600x900

Leaning down towards her, John murmured softly into her ear, “I miss you, Margaret. Please, come back to Milton. Don’t lock your heart away. Return to me.” He looked into her eyes that were staring at him in awe and then hesitantly turned and left, feeling her absence pressing in on him from that first step away. There was a knot in his stomach, but he had done all he could do for now. But was it enough? Instantly feeling his loss and a great sense of emptiness, Margaret watched as he threaded his way through the crowd. She would never let him walk out of her life.“John Thornton, look back at me”.

Another Fantasy Novel of
John Thornton and Margaret Hale

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book: $14.95 | kindle: $3.99 | 330 pages | PDF $3.00 US

Look Back at Me 660x460