Sweet Surrender



(Epic Length – Paperback 500+ pages)

It’s a year after the proposal rejection day. Margaret finds that she and Dixon are destitute. Her father has passed and left very little money. Mr. Bell is in the America’s. She finds that she and Dixon must move to a different flat, which is on the edges of the Princeton area. Margaret’s pride keeps her from becoming a begger to her few friends. She begins to search for work in one of the mills while Dixon takes in washing and ironing, so they can eat. In her desperation, Margaret inquires about employment at Marlborough Mills. Seeing her enter is his mill yard, John hurries to Miss Hale, wondering what she is doing there. Confronting John and looking into his eyes, Margaret apologizes for wasting his time and flees his presence. John had no idea that the employment she mentioned was for her, but he did see she was sickly, pale and thin. Margaret disappears into the Princeton District to escape John’s pursuit of her. John begans an ambitious campaign to find her as a spark of hope is born again.

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