Now Writing

I have just begun a new Fantasy Fiction novel for John and Margaret.  I am just beginning, ideas are forming and I am inspired. Most of you don’t know that I am called a “panster” writer. That means I write by the seat of my pants.  I start writing on page one and just continue from there. Stephen King is a panster as well others, but we are in the minority.  From one page to the next I have no idea what will happen. Sometimes, I cannot wait to rise in the morning to see what happens next. It just flows out from my fingers with little foreknowledge.  I feel it will be several months before this is completed (whatever I call it).  If you like my romance novels, there’s another young man, I would like you to meet. Kip and Squeaks are coach drivers in Victorian London. Book one of three is completed and can be found here , written under the name of Gene Bohn. Book two is completed and I am having the artwork being done now. That should be out very soon. I have come to love Kip as I love John Thornton.  Maybe you will, too.