Brotherly Love





Fred Hale returns home from the Navy after 4 years, as an experienced man. Surprised is he to find that his sister, Margaret has grown into a woman, but lonely. After school and a year with caregiving their parents, Margaret has yet to be out with a man and the years are starting to mount. At his first hint that Margaret is beginning to have “those feelings”, he endeavors to teach her the ways of men and set her on a path to marriage. At the same time, he begins to find love himself, and Margaret realizes that Fred must not treat his woman as if she waited on the docks and various seaports. Family friend Adam and Fred concoct a way for her to be noticed by John Thornton, totally oblivious to her. The rollicking “coming of age for Margaret” saga is full of twists, turns, humor and finding the ability to love.

Another Fantasy Novel of Margaret and John

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(Paperback 385 pages)

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