The Courtship of Margaret Hale



John and Margaret have finally found each other on the train platform. Life becomes hopeful for both of them. As time passes John comes to feel there is no going back for the two of them and begins to settle his anxieties of losing her again. Margaret wants to be courted and John desperately wants the same. He buys her an heirloom wedding ring. Margaret felt the ring chose her and John could feel it was hers to have, regardless of the cost to him, no longer a successful Mill Master. Unbeknownst to either, they begin to have similar dreams of a time almost seven hundred years in the past. John dreams of himself as medieval noble warrior and Margaret dreams of herself as a noble Lady. Does the antique ring hold the answers to their dreams? Is it cursed or enchanted? It is mystical or mythical? Will it show them a troubled destiny as yet untraveled for the original lovers which they must complete? Is there a chance that John can lose Margaret once again? Margaret sees a death in her dreams; John sees a castle and battlefields, warriors and archers. What is happening to our Milton lovers?

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